ann burrell gallery fn 325 Celebrity chef Anne Burrell: 'I am everywhere, and I am tired of me'

If it seems as if you are seeing an awful lot of Anne Burrell lately, you’re right. She’s on three Food Network shows — “Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell,” “Worst Cooks in America” and “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.”
Her friendly face, surrounded by an electric cloud of platinum, is rather ubiquitous these days.

“I know it is getting to the point where I am almost sick of me,” she tells Zap2it. “I have gotten texts [containing photos] from friends, one of a billboard, one on a taxi. I was in a taxi yesterday, and there’s me. And I open Entertainment Weekly, and there’s me. I am everywhere, and I am tired of me. I walk into the airport bathroom, and there is me in the mirror. I am just happy it is a good picture. It is super exciting and thrilling and wow!”
She’s talking from the Houston airport, en route home to New York. She travels the country for “Chef Wanted” on Thursdays, where she puts chefs through tests with the goal of getting them hired in restaurants. Burrell acknowledges that she learns from the other chefs.
Despite being pros, the chefs make mistakes such as not researching the restaurant where they want to work.
“Why are you going to try out for a job if you don’t want a job at that restaurant?” she asks. “It is a job interview. It is a hard thing we are putting you through.” 
On “Worst Cooks,” the most common mistake Burrell cites is the same — people who do no research.
“Every season I always think I am mentally prepared for it, and I forgot how bad people are, and I am shocked every single time,” she says. “The part that gets me the most is when people know they are bad, but they don’t consult a cookbook. How are you supposed to know? If I don’t know how to do something I will look it up.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler