oprah keith urban Closet emo Keith Urban to Oprah: Nicole Kidman saves livesNothing speaks to the sanctity of a marriage like… reading your private love letters on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

]]>Keith Urban did when he and wife Nicole Kidman appeared on Winfrey’s Nov. 29 episode. “I am in awe of how this blessed family we are creating stretches and fearlessly opens my vulnerable heart,” Urban reads from one of his letters to Kidman — at least we think that’s what he said, as his Australian accent gets in the way of more than a few vowels. That doesn’t bother fellow Aussie Kidman, who, despite her wild love for her husband, was interviewed separately. “He’s got a way with words,” she tells Oprah. “The thing that really touches me is that he says, ‘Let me put it into action.'” The couple were on hand to promote Urban’s new album and discuss his very public battles with addiction — which the singer says his wife helped him beat. It’s all very romantic and not-at-all staged.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell