clueless dancing with the stars elisa donovan gi 'Clueless' alum Elisa Donovan campaigns for 'Dancing with the Stars'

Sometimes “Dancing with the Stars” has to beg and court celebrities to come on the show. Other times, the stars do all the work. “Clueless” actress Elisa Donovan falls into the second category. She has started a campaign to get on to the reality competition via Facebook.

Best known for playing the role of Amber in the 1995 hit, “Clueless,” (she’s the red-haired girl whose plastic surgeon wouldn’t let her get hit with balls), Donovan also played Morgan on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Over the years, the actress has had recurring and regular roles in shows like “Beverly Hills 90210,” the “Clueless” TV series and “In Gayle We Trust.”

Now a blogger on mommy issues for in between TV gigs, Donovan is apparently ready for some serious branching out into the dancing world.

She announced the campaign via Twitter on Wednesday, Oct. 15:

“AMAZING!!! my friend Tom created a page to get me on Dancing With The Stars! please click on the page, and ‘like’…”

A trip over to that Facebook page yields a smattering of posts and more than 1500 likes in its first week of existence. The page’s mission statement is simple:

“We all loved her as Amber in the pop culture hit ‘Clueless’, and now Elisa Donovan, who is a mom and a blogger for, is ready to compete on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Please LIKE this page to support Elisa getting to get on the next season.”

This blast from the ’90s past could very well be seen on Season 18.

Posted by:Laurel Brown