cma awards 2013 duck dynasty miley cyrus CMA Awards 2013: 'Duck Dynasty' twerking, Miley Cyrus jokes and more open the show

The 2013 CMA Awards kicked off with the thing country musicians are known for best: comedy. Things started when hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood called in Kellie Pickler to help them assign feuds to various people in attendance, because what’s music without a good fight these days?
Kelly Clarkson was assigned her own mother-in-law, Reba McEntire, while the legendary Kenny Rogers was paired with Paisley. Then there’s Darius Rucker, who was told to feud with Julianne Hough, of all people.
From there, the Obamacare jokes began, as Brad says he “twerked his back” and needed help. Carrie grabbed a laptop and joked about how hard it is to sign up, before they sang a little tribute to the website. Paisley then congratulated Taylor Swift on making it in music “without humping a teddy bear or grinding against Beetlejuice,” an easy Miley Cyrus slam.
Underwood countered, saying if anyone had asked them who would be naked and licking a sledgehammer, they would have guessed Blake Shelton.

That’s when things got really interesting, as Paisley and Undewood started their own country-slanted version of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” Their version, “Duck Blind,” was about how great country girls are and served as the perfect introduction for the Robertsons, from “Duck Dynasty.” 
You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Willie Robertson twerk on Carrie Underwood.

willie robertson twerks carrie underwood cma duck dynasty CMA Awards 2013: 'Duck Dynasty' twerking, Miley Cyrus jokes and more open the show
Want more? Make sure to watch the video below. What did you think of the CMA Awards 2013 open?

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