coke diet aspartame coca cola Coke defends use of aspartame in Diet Coke with new ad

With sales of Diet Coke clumping, the Coca-Cola company is looking for ways to fix the brand’s public perception. One step of that process is to defend their use of artificial sweetener aspartame in the product.
The ad, which will run in USA today near Coke’s headquarters in Atlanta, before also appearing in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Chicago Tribune, claims that the diet drinks can be used to maintain weight and notes scientific evidence that using aspartame in their products is safe, the Associated Press reports.
The company is releasing the ad as part of a larger campaign in which they attempt to illustrate their products can’t be blamed for the rising obesity rates. In recent years, as consumer begin to prefer all-natural and organic foods, there has been a backlash against the diet soda market. Many believe that drinking the lower-calorie beverages will make you fat, rather than helping to stay healthy. There is no scientific evidence to support that idea, though.
The ad itself features a picture of two women sharing a bottle of Diet Coke, with the heading “Quality products you can always feel good about.” Following that is a series of paragraphs that discuss the company’s use of “high-quality, low- and no-calorie sweeteners, including aspartame.”
For whatever it’s worth, both Coca-Cola and chief rival Pepsi are working on developing low-calorie soft drink options using all-natural sweeteners, like Stevia.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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