Guillermo-Del-Toro-pacific-rim-comic-con-2012-gi.jpgGuillermo Del Toro gave fans a top-secret look at his epic sci-fi flick “Pacific Rim” during Saturday’s (July 13) Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment panel at Comic-Con.  

“This is for you, totally for you, and those motherf***ers who have the f***ing James Bond cameras in their glasses, don’t use them,” Del Toro tells the crowd before screening a few minutes of the epic battles between human-piloted robots and massive sea monsters.

The movie isn’t due in theaters until July 12, 2013, and Del Toro promises “radio silence” on the film from him and his colleagues — including cast members Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Ron Perlman and Charlie Hunnam — through the end of the year to keep everything under wraps.

So fans who didn’t make it to the panel will just have to trust that Del Toro knows what he’s doing. Someone else who trusts the director implicitly is the film’s star Hunnam, who signed on to “Pacific Rim” without even seeing a script.  

“There are probably two filmmakers in the world, Guillermo being one of them, that I would take that leap of faith with,” Hunnam says.

Are you excited to see “Pacific Rim”?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper