beauty and the beast comic con 2013 jay ryan kristin kreuk cw Comic Con 2013: 'Beauty and the Beast' panel

“Beauty and the Beast” panel at Comic-Con 2013.  
On hand to talk about the show were stars Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan along with executive producers Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin.
Season 2 starts three months after the end of Season 1.
There will be what they call a “super-charged Vincent.” he will also be “beastlier.”

The secret about Cat’s dad will possibly come out via her sister, Heather.
Everyone on the show  is really happy with the fans. That’s what they credit for Season 2.
“Vincent is the messiah.” — Jay Ryan on his character

Austin Basis’ character of JT will get a lot more development in Season 2.
Kristin Kreuk cannot play softball.
In the first episode of Season 2, the person (or persons) behind Muirfield will be revealed.
More on Vincent’s family will be revealed early in Season 2.”
“Who’s my mama???” — Jay Ryan
When talking about Vincent’s kidnapping, the EPs didn’t seem to want to say that Muirfield was responsible. Could it be someone else?
“No, don’t ask the actors!” — EP when the actors were asked about their characters’ futures
“We have a cool guy … and a cool girl …” — Sherri Cooper on new Season 2 characters
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