intelligence comic con meghan ory josh holloway marg helgenberger Comic Con 2013: Josh Holloway's 'Intelligence' echoes 'Six Million Dollar Man'Josh Holloway returns to TV in “Intelligence” — his first series regular role since “Lost” — and this time he’s the star. He plays Gabriel, an ex-special forces op who becomes part of a top secret government project that allows him to access the entirety of the Internet with his brain.

Comic-Con fans got a sneak peek at the show’s pilot, which won’t premiere until Feb. 24 on CBS, followed by a quick panel with Holloway and co-stars Meghan Ory (“Once Upon a Time”) and Marg Helgenberger (“CSI”) along with executive producers Michael Seitzman and Tripp Vinson.

If the concept reminds you of “Chuck,” Seitzman told the crowd he considers “Intelligence” more of a modern day spin on “The Six Million Dollar Man.” “Information seems to be the bionic strength of today,” Seitzman said during the panel. “We talked about ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ all the time … We tried to make a show that feels as much about humanity as it is technology. What part of the human is left when you augment with technology?”

Holloway offered a more down to earth way of describing the show. “It’s a dramatic thriller with hot strong women characters,” he observed to much hollering and applause. He added he considers the series “a mixture between James Bond, ‘Bourne Identity’ and ‘Mission Impossible.'”

“I grew up wanting to play a secret agent,” Holloway confessed. “This [concept] was very interesting and current.”

When the stars were asked what they would do with a special skill like Gabriel’s, Helgenberger answered, “I’d learn every language so I could travel everywhere.” While Holloway opted for some of the quirkier things he’d like to see his character do: “I’d end up addicted to Korean dramas, polka dancing, I’d be screaming weird things. There’s room for comedy in this!”

There’s something you wouldn’t see on “The Six Million Dollar Man.”

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