Those in attendance at Comic-Con 2013 are used to seeing many strange things, but one of the events taking place in Hall H is new even for them. Heavy metal rockers Metallica have their own panel at the annual comic book convention. Of all things, the band is there to promote a movie. “Metallica Through the Never” is being released in IMAX 3D and those in attendance were the first to get a good look at it.

The band (James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo) took the Comic-Con stage to the driving beat of “Sad But True” and were joined by co-star Dane DeHaan and director Nimrod Antal. They knew what the fans in attendance wanted and quickly introduced the world premiere of the movie’s trailer in 3D. You can see it above, definitely not in 3D.
The trailer illustrates the movie is a hybrid concert-film/narrative, cutting back and forth between their live performances and the pieces of story starring DeHaan. The young actor plays a roadie for the band who is tasked with finding a crew truck that has run out of gas and retrieving a bag inside of it. What’s inside of the bag is a mystery.
On his voyage to the truck, DeHaan instead winds up in the middle of a city-wide war zone. As he encounters chaos and destruction, shots of the band playing their hit “Enter Sandman” set the musical and visual tone.
Ironically, DeHaan wasn’t allowed to listen to Metallica as a kid. He says his parents screened any music he brought home for content and Metallica just didn’t make the cut. It was his preparations for “The Place Beyond the Pines” that led him to the music, as he thought it was something his character would listen to.
A second clip from the movie shown will air exclusively in IMAX theaters before “Riddick” and “Elysium.” It focuses on DeHaan finding himself literally stuck between the two sides of war in the city, the police and the disgruntled citizens. As the opening strains of “Wherever I May Roam” fill the air, rioting breaks out with the citizens attacking the police. No indication is given as to what has inspired the violence, but these people are upset. As the clip reaches it’s climax, an armored man on a horse hangs someone by the neck from a lamppost. That’s something that would seem out of place anywhere but a Metallica movie.
Though the band praises DeHaan’s work in the movie, Hammett says the stage is the true star of the film. They used a specially constructed stage to shoot the concert scenes, with LED screens and lighting built in. The stage, dubbed “the air carrier,” may tour with the band eventually, though the logistics would be pretty difficult.
On the non-movie front, Lars says the band will likely have a new album in 2014, their 10th record. “Metallica Through The Never” debuts in IMAX 3D September 27, before going to all theaters October 4.
Check out the movie’s poster below:
metallica through the never comic con poster 'Metallica Through the Never' trailer, poster rock Comic Con 2013
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