When “Supernatural” came to the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, fans had plenty of questions about Season 9. In this interview with Misha Collins, there might be a few answers. What is there to learn about a human Castiel?

Among the highlights of this video interview, Collins shares:

  • There’s not a big personality change between Castiel the angel and Castiel the human.
  • Castiel will have to cope with issues “all the way from the basest biological functions all the way up to the philosophical ‘what does this mean my purpose on the planet is?'”
  • It will take Castiel a couple of weeks to get anywhere — he can’t drive and doesn’t have money. Teleporting is much faster.
  • “He’s so useless that he doesn’t have a purpose.”
  • The fallen angels are after Castiel, since he’s being blamed for the falling. He may or may not have any allies left among those creatures.

Posted by:Laurel Brown