Scott Porter‘s days as Jason Street in “Friday Night Lights” might be over, but they aren’t far behind him. Even though he’s moved on to The CW’s “Hart of Dixie,” he still is arguably best known for his Dillon, Texas character. Even so, he’s not entirely onboard with the idea of a “Friday Night Lights” Kickstarter-funded movie, even though talk of another “Friday Night Lights” movie has been swirling for awhile.

“I think everyone’s kind of waiting to see how ‘Veronica Mars’ fares,” he says, referencing the way “Serenity” had a lot of buzz behind it but ultimately didn’t do well in theaters. “It is crowd-sourced and funded, so I think if the fans cry out for something enough, they can get it made.”

He adds, “That being said, all the right players would have to be onboard [for a ‘Friday Night Lights’ movie] because we really finished that show on our own terms. To do a movie, we’d have to do it on our own terms with minimal involvement from any outside source. So, Jason Katims, Peter Berg, Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler; those are the four people that I would say have to, have to, have to be involved, and the rest of us are kind of expendable.”

Porter admits that he felt the end of Jason Street’s arc was “so fantastic that if I’ve got to come back again and play that character, I want it to be just as great and fabulous and they have a lot to live up to.” He also thinks it might be hard to get Berg back on board because the showrunner told them when they wrapped the show, “We did something incredibly special, we did it our way, nobody pushes us around, and this was the way that it should have ended.”

Regardless, Porter still has a strong career on television thanks to “Hart of Dixie.” The show is gearing up for its third season, and the cast just got the first episode’s script.

“We did the first table read for Season 3 [July 19]. Very funny, but it’s a huge gap of time that we’re missing. It’s a little bit longer than a summer, and so we come back and Zoe may or may not still be in New York and we may or may not still have George on the road doing his rock band thing,” Porter teases. “We’re going to have to kind of fill in the gaps for the audience as we go forward. Some characters might not be coming back, so we get that out of the way in the first episode in a very clean, easy way.”

There also was a big change in Porter’s personal life recently: he married his girlfriend Kelsey Mayfield on April 20. As a big fan of video games, Porter talks about how the two of them have bonded over the nerdy elements of their marriage.

“I married a girl who’ll play video games with me, so that does me some good. She plays all the ‘LEGO’ games with me,” he says. “I found a girl who is a former cheerleader at the University of Texas who loves football and then also likes to play video games, and I’ve got her reading comics. ‘Fables’ is one of her favorite books; she loves ‘Fables.’ She’s really mad that ‘Tiny Titans’ is not around anymore. Those are more her speed, but I’ve got her reading a bunch. ‘Invincibles’ she loves, which is like the first true superhero book I got her to read, so she’s a real cool chick and that’s why I married her. That’s why I put a ring on it.

“Hart of Dixie” returns to The CW with Season 3 on Oct. 7.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz