david frye i am president Comic David Frye dies, Nixon impression rememberedCelebrated comedian David Frye has passed away at age 77 in Las Vegas, reports the New York Times. Frye specialized in impressions of political figures — most notably President Richard Nixon. He could also do a spot on President Lyndon Johnson, Bobby Kennedy, and Henry Fonda, among others.

The comic was born David Shapiro in June 1934 in Brooklyn, NY. He released comedy compilations and albums like 1969’s “I Am the President,” 1971’s “Radio Free Nixon” and “Richard Nixon Superstar.” In 1973 he released “Richard Nixon: A Fantasy,” followed by “David Frye Presents the Great Debate” in 1980 and “Frye is Nixon” in 1996. He was finally featured on “Clinton: An Oral History” in 1998.

Frye was a popular guest on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” As he rose to fame while Nixon was campaigning, so he faded away from it when Nixon left office. A spokesperson for the Clark County coroner says that Frye passed away from cardiopulmonary failure.

Frye maintained an active YouTube account where you can still view his comedy sketches. He is survived by his sister Ruth Welch.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie