Eureka Eureka” has come to Comic-Con and though show lead Colin Ferguson couldn’t make it — he’s in Bulgaria, filming “Lake Placid 3” for Syfy — he made sort of a surprise appearance.

The senior VP of Syfy, Mark Stern, suggested that moderator Josh Gates give Colin a call, despite the fact that it was like 3 a.m. across the pond. But not only did Colin answer the phone, he had a pressing question for Mr. Stern. 

Is “Eureka” (which has just begun its 3rd season) getting a 4th year?

Stern, feigning reluctance, approached the podium and with faux hesitation announced, before thousands of fans, that Syfy has decided to pick “Eureka” up for a 22-episode 4th season. His words were met with thunderous applause.


…And then everyone sang Ferguson happy birthday via phone. 

It was sweet.

But Stern added a caveat. He wants at least one, if not two, of those 22 episodes to be a musical.

Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Allison) and Joe Morton (Henry) seconded the suggestion and executive producer, Jaime Paglia, later confirmed that they are planning on it.  

Of course, the third season of the series is, for the most part, still ahead of us and there’s a lot to look forward to in the near future…

…like Tag (Matt Frewer)’s return (spoiler!), as well as the addition of new characters. Actor Billy Campbell (“The 4400”) is doing an episode and Jaime Ray Newman (“Veronica Mars”) — who joined Joe, Salli, Erica Cerra (Jo), Neil Grayston (Fargo) and Paglia on the panel — will really be shaking things up as Tess Fontana, an old college roommate of Allison’s who comes to town. 

Apparently, Tess will be tempting Carter. And Allison won’t be too thrilled with their blooming chemistry.

Psyched to see the new “Eureka” love triangle develop?

We are too. 

And word is Henry and Fargo have some minor love story lines of their own on the horizon…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh