“Community” knows its catchphrases. From “Pop! Pop!” to “six seasons and a movie” to “streets ahead” and more, here are six of the show’s best lines as it goes into Season 5.

Cool. Cool, cool cool.

Most often uttered by Abed, it’s important to know when things are more than just cool.

That’s nice.

This one sticks closest to Shirley, although all of the “Community” women tend to take a turn with it.

Pop! Pop!!!

Ah, Magnitude. He’s the life of the party and has the catchphrase to prove it.

Streets ahead.

Pierce may not have been able to make this phrase happen at Greendale, but he sure did among “Community” fans.

Shut up, Leonard!

The elderly Leonard is second only to Pierce when it comes to taking abuse. Leonard usually deserves it.

Six seasons and a movie!

First uttered by Abed in the clip show, “Paradigms of Human Memory,” this phrase was originally applied to “The Cape.” “Community” deserves it more.

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Posted by:Laurel Brown