chevy chase paley 320 'Community': Chevy Chase falls backwards, burps into his mic and outs Joel McHale's hemorrhoid problem

“Community” hit the 27th Annual William S. Paley Festival on Wednesday night and, well, wow. 

What do you need to know about the show?

It’s awesome.
What do you need to know about their panel? 
Chevy Chase is a wild man. 
Among the antics he pulled while up on the stage? He full-on fell backwards in his chair (we’re talking toppled over); he blurted out “boob” for no apparent reason; he burped into his microphone; he outed Joel McHale‘s apparent “hemorrhoid problem”; he pretended he couldn’t hear anything every time the moderator asked him a question — Ken Jeong would then scream each question in his ear… ’cause he’s old, get it?! — and when Jeong attempted to answer a question about his casting, Chevy silently mocked him, imitating his every move to the crowd. 
Oh, but that’s not all. 
When the subject of Chevy’s casting came up, the producers said that he went on and on about his money problems during their first meeting. Chevy then proceeded to pull a wad of cash out of his wallet and disseminate it.
When the talk turned to how freakin’ good Joel McHale is as the lead of the show, Chevy decided to laud the cast as a whole, comparing them to the employees at a Home Depot, saying everybody’s got their area of expertise and Joel would be the “tool master” (Joel then said, “Oh Chevy, you’ve never been to a Home Depot,” which went over very well with the crowd).
But, in all seriousness, Chevy followed his comedy up with a sincere moment, delivering the highest of praise to the people he shares the “Community” spotlight with: “You know, I started on ‘SNL’ in its first year with [John] Belushi and Gilda [Radner] and people who are still here like Jane [Curtin] and Danny [Aykroyd] and Billy [Murray]. I’ve worked with some of the best and I don’t know that any of them, for this type of show, could do a better job than this cast does… This is a step up for me.” 
Awwwww, right?
But you should also know that he swears at them on set every day and berates “Community” creator Dan Harmon, sometimes wondering out loud — in earshot of Dan — what it’s like to be fat and gay.
And everyone loves it. Truly. 
(Harmon immediately texted his girlfriend to brag after Chevy harassed him for the first time).
And hey, we get it. 
Chevy can curse at us and call us fat and gay until the cows come home. We wish he’d done it during our interview, just prior to the panel. But he had just finished beating up Ken Jeong on the arrivals carpet in front of the photographers, so he was probably tired.
Take a look…

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