While “Community’s” night at PaleyFest occurred before Thursday’s (March 17) news that NBC has given it a third season renewal, we’re sure it doesn’t change who creator Dan Harmon credits for the show’s success: A dedicated group of people who adopted the show and its characters very early on and feel very passionate about their couplings.
“It was the first ‘shippers,” Harmon tells Zap2it. “It was like these young girls that you see live journaling and stuff, the core of the core of the core, like people who are willing before anybody else is to go, ‘I love your show, I love that character, I love that character with that character.’ And I always thought that in our darkest hours no matter what competition was heaped upon us that we have this globule of an audience that will not watch anything else if we’re on. And it’s really important to stay thankful to those people.”
Harmon has told us that making the audience happy is important to him, but that doesn’t mean he always does as we expect. In fact, many times he’ll give us what we want, like a Jeff-Annie or Jeff-Britta kiss, just so the show can move on from it.
“I wish I could give them more of what they want,” he says. “I fight myself having these sort of ticks where I’m accidently throwing people when I could be just making them comfortable.”
“I think that runs counter to the purpose of the appliance called television,” he later adds in that way that’s both meta-savant and genius in its phrasing. “It’s like your toaster is supposed to keep your bread warm and your TV is supposed to keep you comfortable after a long day at work.”
In the video above, Harmon also talks about how deceptively easy a “bottle episode” can look to viewers and even gives us a lecture on our recent Season 2 finale kiss scoop that has kept the very dedicated ‘shippers guessing!
Congrats on the third season, Dan!
Posted by:Jethro Nededog