community nbc annie jeff 320 'Community': EP Dan Harmon reveals where Jeff and Annie's finale kiss will lead

Community” fans were whipped into a frenzy when Jeff (played by Joel McHale) and Annie (Allison Brie) passionately kissed in the Season 1 finale. Even Brie, who’s fully aware of the gravity of the situation, tells us she was struck by the fan response.
So, when Zap2it had a chance to speak with series creator, Dan Harmon, we had to ask him where that kiss will lead.
“Is it a spoiler if I say nowhere?” he asks as we nod yes!
According to Harmon, romance will never be that straightforward in “Community.” He tells us that he designed the group, so that they would knock into each other plot-wise in infinite ways. 
But, Jeff and Annie’s finale kiss was also a nod to fans who had been sensing the chemistry all season. So, as to do away with the constant “will they or won’t they” thing other shows have done (and done well, acknowledges Harmon), he just made it happen. He did the same thing by having Jeff and Britta kiss in Episode 2.
“I like [‘The Office’s’] Jim and Pam, too, but we’re not going to try and be them,” he explains. “We’re going to do this weird thing. I just like to undercut that stuff. Not to be subversive, not to say screw you to the audience, but just to send the message that it’s a new show. It’s a different show. It’s a different way of looking at relationships. So, the Annie-Jeff finale was doing a similar thing.”
He does give one caveat about the aftermath of Jeff and Annie’s kiss in Season 2: “It will continue to be the source of a lot of energy for any two characters to stumble into each other like that.”
Take that as you will, “Community” fans!

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