French Stewart.jpgHarry Soloman is back! “3rd Rock
From the Sun
” alum French
is set to guest star on
Community this
season! Does this make anyone want to fire up their DVDs and
re-watch that show? Yeah, us too. Hey, any chance to see a young
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is worth it.

the former alien/fish out of water will hit Greendale Community
College at the beginning of next year. According
EW, Stewart will play Vincent, the owner of a celebrity
impersonator business. Abed (Danny Pudi) ends up in the hole after using them for
his fan films. Vincent, we are told, is the “best French Stewart
impersonator of all time.”

Stewart is also providing the voice of Richard in FOX’s new animated
series “Allen Gregory.”
We can’t wait to see what meta nods to “
3rd Rock” “Community” works into his episode.

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