community xmas 'Community' holiday episode: Did it get us in the spirit?“Community” just had it’s final episode of the season. Maybe it’s final episode … sniff … of all time. Sure, NBC said it’s not cancelled, but who knows for sure? Well, whatever it ends up being, “Community’s” holiday musical extravaganza was right on the money. Seriously, do the higher ups at the network actually watch the show?

Ahem. Done ranting. The episode had the gang being asked to fill in for the Glee Club after they’re taken down for not having the rights to the music they’re singing, courtesy of Jeff (Joel McHale). They refuse, but the choir director gets Abed (Danny Pudi) to recruit the gang, playing on his love of Christmas and desire to share it with his friends.

It started off with a bang, with lines like, “Glee! It’s a drug that you use, that turns you into a shoe and your shoe into a dance.” (Best mockery of “Glee” that we’ve ever seen. In fact, their study room is actually redone to look like the rehearsal hall. Loving mockery, we’re sure.)

The musical numbers were fast and furious, from the amazing Jehovah’s Witness spy rap performed by Abed and Troy (Donald Glover, who clearly has a bright rap career ahead if the worst happens), to Shirley’s powerful (Yvette Nicole Brown) Jesus birthday gospel song to the hysterical Betty Boop-esque, sexy stupid baby chick number performed by Annie (Alison Brie). “Boop bee doop be boop boop sex.”

Our favorite by far was “Baby Boomer Santa,” showing Santa through the generations in a “We Didn’t Start the Fire” style retrospective. The funny here? It was showcasing how amazing the Baby Boomers think they are. It totally won Pierce (Chevy Chase) over.

This may have been the strongest episode of the season, capped off by a return of “Inspector Spacetime” (yes, that’s supposed to be “Doctor Who”) and a very brave Britta (and actress Gillian Jacobs) who walked on stage in a skin tight brown unitard.

Once again, we’re going to beg and plead with NBC to keep “Community” on the air. It’s a bright spot in our week and … well, do you want us to send paint balls? Just saying. Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode below.

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