On Sunday, NBC released its primetime broadcast schedule for 2013-2014. But not all of the network’s shows appear on it. The most prominent program missing is the surprise comedy renewal of “Community.” Does this mean fans will **not get to see Season 5 after all?

The simplest answer to that question is that of course “Community” fans will see the return of their bizarre comedy. It’s just a matter of when. We can safely say that — barring some crazy rearrangements of the current schedule — that “Community” will not return until later in the broadcast season. In this case, the most likely return is at midseason, when the show can take the place of another going on hiatus or perhaps a canceled program.

Could “Community” come back any earlier? That is possible as well, although production schedules make it a bit less likely. Unless production on the show begins around the same time as the various fall-premiering shows, “Community” needs time even to create the episodes that might air.

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The absence of the show from NBC’s official schedule also brings up another question: Who will return for Season 5? Actor Chevy Chase — who walked out of production before the end of Season 4 — will almost definitely not return.

What about series creator and former showrunner Dan Harmon? There is no official word on the man most responsible for the good, the bad and the insane of the first three seasons of “Community.” But there is always a chance. Deadline, for example, published a piece on Friday (May 10) focusing on rumors of Harmon’s return.

Even those rumors, however, sounded more like in-house brainstorming than anything resembling serious plans.

“Community” is not the only NBC show missing from the announced schedule. “Hannibal,” a midseason drama on which the network will not make a decision this early, is an unsurprising no-show. Meanwhile, new dramas “Chicago PD” and “The Night Shift,” as well as a comedy, “Undateable,” do not yet have a timeslot. 

Posted by:Laurel Brown