community moves to friday nbc 'Community': NBC head talks move to Friday, creator Dan Harmon's status“Community” is moving to a new night in the fall, decamping from its Thursday home to Fridays (along with “Whitney”). But it could make the move without series creator Dan Harmon, whose contract is up at the end of this season.

About the move to Fridays, NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt says NBC was looking to expand its comedy footprint — which it did. Four new half-hour shows are joining six returnees, and as the schedule shaped up, “Friday was sort of an added benefit.”

“We love ‘Grimm’ — it’s a show that got some real traction at 9 o’clock on Friday, and we thought ‘Grimm’ is going to be helped further by scripted shows in front of it,” Greenblatt says. “There’s no other comedy on Friday at 8, so it’s a wide-open genre. It just seemed like the opportunity was there to keep expanding.”

As for Harmon, he is at the end of a one-year deal with “Community” producer Sony Pictures TV, and Greenblatt says he’s not sure what Harmon’s role will be next season.

“I think those [contract] conversations are happening as we speak,” Greenblatt says. “I guess what I’d say is I expect Dan’s voice to be part of the show somehow. I’m just not sure exactly if it means him running it day-to-day or consulting on it. I haven’t been part of those conversations because we’ve been in schedule meetings for the past four or five days.”

However the situation plays out, though, Greenblatt says Harmon’s recent dustup with “Community” actor Chevy Chase won’t be much of a factor: “I know that was blown up into something, but I don’t really think it would determine [Harmon] running the show or not,” Greenblatt says.

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Posted by:Rick Porter