community gillian jacobs joel mchale 'Community': New showrunners meeting with writers to see if they'll stay“Community” has been all over the news lately, from the Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon battle to Harmon’s firing to whether or not the show will come back. Of course, it’s been renewed for 13 more episodes, but without the creator, will fans still watch?

According to Vulture, new “Community” showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port will be meeting with numerous current writers to discuss whether or not they’ll continue on with the series.

So what does this mean for the show? There may not be a mass exodus of writers. Sony apparently has staff writer deals that may force some writers to stay on. What do you guys think of the news? Are you still going to watch without the creator attached? Are you loyal to the show no matter what? Let us know your thoughts.

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