“Community” loves strange titles and even stranger episodes. The upcoming “Advanced Intergluteal Numismatics” looks like it might be both, judging from photos released from the episode. See if you can guess anything about the plot from what you see.

Clue Number 1:
Troy and Professor Hickey don’t seem to like each other much.

community-advanced-intergluteal-numismatics-nbc-1-jonathan-banks-donald-glover.JPGClue Number 2:
Dean Pelton wants everyone to remember “Belts, Briefs and Buddies.”

community-advanced-intergluteal-numismatics-nbc-2-jim-rash.JPGClue Number 3:
Troy might not survive the episode.

community-advanced-intergluteal-numismatics-nbc-3danny-pudi-donald-glover.JPGClue Number 4:
There is a crime. Also, Annie has a teddy bear.

community-advanced-intergluteal-numismatics-nbc-4-alison-brie.JPGClue Number 5:
Jeff, Annie and the Dean investigate a dark and dusty room.

community-advanced-intergluteal-numismatics-nbc-5-jim-rash-joel-mchale-alison-brie.JPGClue Number 6:
Hey, it’s Star-Burns! And cats! Wait … what?

community-advanced-intergluteal-numismatics-nbc-6-star-burns.JPGThus, this episode of “Community” is obviously about … ummm … something? We will only find out for sure when “Advanced Intergluteal Numismatics” airs Thursday, Jan. 9 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown