community chevy chase joel mchale feud 'Community' Season 4: Joel McHale expects Chevy Chase to returnThough “Community” has yet to be renewed by NBC for a Season 4, the cast and crew are optimistic about their chances of a pickup — we’ll know for sure by May 14, when NBC will announce its Fall 2012 schedule.

In the meantime, of course, the show has been making headlines for being awesome and hilarious… and also for a brewing feud between Chevy Chase and show creator Dan Harmon, complete with very angry leaked voicemails and public admonishments.

At NBC Universal’s Summer Press Day on Wednesday, Joel McHale joked that we haven’t seen the last of Chevy’s wrath. “There’s four more voicemails coming now, so that’ll make it a whole series. It’s going to be a book on tape, or on CD, read out loud by Samuel L. Jackson,” he teased reporters.

He says that he does expect Chevy to return for Season 4 if the show is picked up. “Do I envision it? Yes. I see him wearing white robes and wings, coming down,” he teased. Then, more seriously: “He loves the cast, and my guess is he will be back if we’re back. Let’s get the pickup and then we’ll see what happens… I’m assuming so, if he gets the Bentley that he asked for.”

As for Chevy’s insistence that “Community” isn’t funny, Joel says he’s not offended. “He says that every day. But we can just say ‘Well, I saw ‘Karate Dog,’ and that wasn’t that funny, so what do you care?'”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie