“Community” is never better than when it takes little bits of society and morphs them into a hyper-realistic dystopia. MeowMeowBeenz and “App Development and Condiments” have proven that once again.

Like the paintball and hot lava episodes before it, this episode may just be an instant classic. It’s totally worthy of at least 5 MeowMeowBeenz.

MeowMeowBeenz? Really, ‘Community’?

Scoff at the silliness of the MeowMeowBeenz app all you want. But you totally know that if something like this actually entered into society, we would all stratify into numbers within days. Sure, the real world might not have futuristic dances for the 5s and togas for the 4s, but people love classifying each other.

MeowMeowBeenz just makes it easier.

Why Greendale should never have any school-wide events ever

For no real reason, Dean Pelton introduces Greendale to the MeowMeowBeenz app. The oh-so-not-charismatic developers want it to be a way to introduce anonymous ranking of people. Those who rank higher carry more weight when judging others as well. Because that could never, ever end badly.

The main characters react exactly as you would expect. Shirley becomes Greendale’s first 5, because she is both nice and manipulative. Abed flits between numbers, seemingly at will, only wanting to experience easily quantifiable society for the first time. Annie drinks the Kool-Aid and sycophantically works her way up to the top. And Jeff sets out to destroy the system, only to enjoy conquering it a little too much.

What about Britta?

Initially, Britta just tries to reason with people at Greendale. This — as always — fails miserably. There just isn’t any reasoning with these people! Although blotches of mustard do make Britta seem more convincing, she spends most of the episode languishing in the throes of 2-dom.


Jeff’s meteoric rise to the top of the 5s comes with an apple-oriented stand-up routine (because 2s like apples — get it?). But then he and Shirley fall back to 1s when their fighting proves more than a little irritating to everyone else.

They get out just in time.

Having realized the power that a little mustard to the face gives her, Britta has rallied the 2s and 3s to retake the school from the ethereal 5s. They are all reduced back to 1-ness as a new order begins to take hold in the halls of Greendale.

Overthrowing the system with a single tap

Having experienced the highs and lows of MeowMeowBeenz, Jeff is finally ready to destroy the system once and for all. He points out that a) MeowMeowBeenz is live on the app store and not in beta-testing, and b) the app has totally been selling their addresses to spammers.

Within moments the Greendale sheep have all deleted the app from their phones. MeowMeowBeenz is but a thing of the past!

Sorry Britta. Sorry Koogler.

Posted by:Laurel Brown