community-501-repilot-nbc-main.JPG“Community” Season 5 has released its first photos, and things look to be just as crazy as usual at Greendale Community College. Add in guest stars Jonathan Banks and Rob Corddry, along with the return of Jeff Winger, and all of the insanity is back where it should be in “Repilot” and “Introduction to Teaching.”

If you recall from the end of Season 4, Jeff (Joel McHale) actually managed to graduate from Greendale and was well on his way to returning to life as a lawyer. Unfortunately, the photos suggest that not all is well in the legal world.

community-501-repilot-nbc-1-rob-corddry-joel-mchale-jeff.JPGBack at Greendale, however, the prodigal son can expect a warm welcome — from the Dean anyway.

community-501-repilot-nbc-2-jeff-dean.JPGJeff’s former study group may not be so thrilled.

community-501-repilot-nbc-4-abed-britta.JPGOr maybe they’re just irritated by the return of Rob Corddry’s character, Alan Connor.

community-501-repilot-nbc-5-rob-corddry.JPGHow exactly does Jeff Winger re-integrate into the life of a community college? Based on the title of the second episode, “Introduction to Teaching,” Jeff might just be on the college’s faculty this time around. If so, that would explain why the man is hanging out with Professor Nichols (played by Jonathan Banks of “Breaking Bad”).

community-502-introduction-to-teaching-nbc-1-jonathan-banks-joel-mchale.JPGElsewhere on campus, things are back to abnormal.

community-502-introduction-to-teaching-nbc-2-annie.JPGThere may even be a Nicolas Cage-impersonation class being taught this semester.

community-502-introduction-to-teaching-nbc-3-abed-nicholas-cage.JPGEveryone’s least-favorite professor/student/janitor/amnesiac/crazed dictator, Chang (Ken Jeong) seems to be going for the man-of-leisure lifestyle this year.

community-502-introduction-to-teaching-nbc-4-chang.JPGBut whatever problems there may be on “Community,” rest assured that all will be solved by a good old-fashioned Jeff Winger speech.

“Community” Season 5 premieres with a double episode on Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown