“Community” Season 5 is channeling “Mad Men” for its latest teaser promo. The result may not offer much information, but it sure is funny to watch.

As fans of the AMC drama know only too well, the teasers for upcoming episodes of “Mad Men” explain exactly nothing to the audience. Characters instead utter short phrases or even single words in a disjointed montage. Sometimes, they open and shut doors. There’s no story there, but the promos often evoke the right mood for the episode.

“Community” does this as well, sort of. This parody takes the “Mad Men” style to extra-comedic extremes with typical dialogue consisting of such insightful comments as “You know full well you’re Jewish” and “Although …” and “Well …” and “Ah, ooh.”

Believe it or not, these are actually valid and informative scenes when you get more than one word. Fans will, alas, have to wait until the Thursday, Jan. 2 premiere of “Community” to find out how that works.

Posted by:Laurel Brown