Shortly after he spoke at the 2014 TV press tour, NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt had to face the question of “Community.” NBC may have canceled the show after Season 5, leaving Season 6 (and a movie!) for Yahoo Screen, but Greenblatt is happy that the show will go on.

When asked how he felt about the Yahoo pick-up, Greenblatt says he feels “great.” “Yahoo is in a different business than we are, trying to build their platform,” he points out. “They made an extraordinary deal. We’re the co-owners of that show, and we’re going to make money on it right away, which wouldn’t have been the case had it been on the network another year.”

Despite all of this, Greenblatt doesn’t think that “Community” could have continued on NBC. He doesn’t think it was just one more season for one thing. “You’re never off the hook. That six seasons thing was created by them — I’m surprised they didn’t say 10 seasons and a movie,” he says. “It just didn’t make sense for us to have another season at that level of audience.”

It’s not a shock that the NBC executive doesn’t know “Community” lore well enough to know why 10 seasons isn’t exactly the case.

Greenblatt is cautiously hopeful for “Community” online. “I don’t know if we’ll ever know how many people watch it on Yahoo,” he explains. “I’m curious to see if they can get a bigger audience than we did.”

Finally having no competition from “The Big Bang Theory” should definitely help with that.

Posted by:Laurel Brown