joe russo anthony russo community season 6 premiere directors 'Community' Season 6 premiere: Russo Brothers returning as directorsJoe and Anthony Russo might’ve directed one of the year’s most successful Marvel movies — “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” — but they’re not straying from their sitcom roots. The brothers will return to direct the “Community” Season 6 premiere, airing on Yahoo! Screen later in 2014.

According to IGN, the Russos, who directed the “Community” pilot, will return to the resurrected series because they love working on the show so much.

“We will be returning,” Anthony confirms to the website. “We’re going to do the first episode [of Season 6] for those guys. We’re going to have a little fun with that episode. Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna are cooking up something very cool for us.”

Between the two brothers, they’ve directed 33 episodes of the cult favorite show, which appears to be heading for “six seasons and a movie” territory.

Posted by:Jean Bentley