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“Community” took on “the bottle episode” — a cost-cutting method when all the action usually occurs on one set for the least amount of money possible — and won in Thursday’s (Nov. 11) episode. 
Annie (Alison Brie) lost her pen and it became her rallying cry against being patronized by the group. And no one in the study group was beyond suspicion. 
The crew did everything they can from tearing the room’s carpet out and “Guantanamo Bay-ing” each other with body searches. After much pointing of fingers and several amazing lines (“Accidents don’t just happen over and over and over again. This isn’t budget daycare.” – Annie), they’re better for it and invoked the “we’d rather believe the best of each other than believe we can be these monsters” clause. Factor in the papier mache project on man’s evolution. And cue stealing monkey. Ding!
The crew is happy once more, but we’re all left with the awful revelation that Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) may be pregnant with Chang’s (Ken Jeong) ill-conceived Halloween baby. Cue the gross-out expressions.
There’s no way “Community” could bring a little Chang-ley into the world, right?

p.s. Everyone got down to their skivvies, which basically makes up for a general lack of requisite Joel McHale nudity this season. Give ’em a little shoulder, then take it right back. Right, NBC?

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