nbc community paleyfest getty images 'Community': Spoilers and more 'Pop Pop' from PaleyFest

The cast and producers of NBC’s “Community” took over PaleyFest 2011 on Tuesday (March 15) and having been on the set a few times we can attest to the fact that the audience got a taste of what it feels like to work on the show.
Although we missed Donald Glover (who plays Troy) and Alison Brie (Annie), the gang gave us Jim Rash, who plays the costume-lovin’ Dean Pelton and Senor Chang himself, Ken Jeong.
Creator Dan Harmon is generally opposed to spoilers (he even gave us a little lecture on our finale kiss scoop when we interviewed him on the press line), but he definitely came to play at PaleyFest and gave us some good ones:
Shirley’s baby is no maybe: Harmon confirms that Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) will have her baby in an upcoming episode. The question as to whether it’s Chang’s (Jeong) or her ex-husband’s, played by returning guest-star Malcolm Jamal Warner, is the real question here. The study group will be throwing Shirley a baby shower on Thursday’s (March 17) episode. 

Abed gets “Boss-y”: EP Garrett Donovan says Abed will learn “Who’s the Boss?” when he takes a class in which the professor is obsessed with the 80’s show on the March 31 episode.
Thank you for the memories: The study group will do its own take on the sitcom flashback show that typically shows memorable scenes over the seasons. Harmon says the show has only been on for less than two seasons so far, so what’s a young show to do? Shoot more than 70 new scenes for the memory episode that we’ve never seen before. The memory episode airs on April 7.

“Modern Warfare” Part Deux: We’ve already shared some scoop from the epic finale, which revisits the popular paintball episode. And so while we already disclosed a Western theme for the finale, the panel says it was their homage to Sergeo Leone, the Italian director who is best-known for the “Spaghetti-Western” movies of the 1960s. And EP/director Joe Russo couldn’t be more proud of that.

nbc community paleyfest getty 2 320 'Community': Spoilers and more 'Pop Pop' from PaleyFest

Other moments that “Pop-Pop” from the panel:
  • An audience member stood up and said, “I only have one question. POP-POP!” Then, sat down. That just brought the house down.
  • Rash, who the panel disclosed was a last-minute hire to play the dean (apparently while they were already shooting the pilot), warns us that he has been told that he’s the second most sexiest cast member next to Joel McHale and that he will show his midriff whenever possible to please the fans.
  • In response to an audience question, Dan Harmon says we will see more shirtless McHale before the season ends. Phew.
  • If Pudi could choose a genre that he’d like to be lampooned on the show, it would be an homage to Bruce Lee and kung fu movies.
  • When asked to choose their favorite TV comedy other than “Community,” several cast members toed the NBC party line with “30 Rock” and “Parks and Recreation.” McHale, though, named “The Tyra Banks Show.”
  • Chevy Chase, who plays Pierce, was his typically curmudgeonly self. When asked if he liked “Glee,” he said, “No, but I don’t watch our show either.” By the way, the producers admitted that they have worried about whether they’ve made Pierce too unlikeable a character! Nooooooooo.
  • Gillian Jacobs says, “Britta is me minus therapy.” Jacobs also says she’s happy that her character has gone from “the girl on the pedestal to the girl we just want to leave us alone.”

Which episodes are you most looking forward to this season?
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