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When you want to know something about a TV show, ask the writers. They know everything. This was certainly the case on Saturday (Feb. 9) when five “Community” writers spoke a CommuniCon, a fan convention for the program.

Chris McKenna, Megan Ganz, Andy Bobrow, Steve Basilone and Tim Saccardo had plenty to share on what’s coming in Season 4, the show’s issues with former star Chevy Chase, and even on “Community” ideas so bizarre they never got made.

Here are some of the highlights:

Whatever you may think of “Community” as it goes into Season 4 without creator Dan Harmon at the helm, the writers have been very, very worried about it. “We’re breaking the show” was apparently the feeling in the writers room before every script.

Seriously, they’re worried about fan reactions. “Before you watch Season 4, watch all of your least-favorite episodes of Season 3,” Megan Ganz advised.

Two unproduced episodes of “Community” featured a dance-off and a story in which the group takes a Nicolas Cage film-appreciation class. In the second episode, they would have had to watch all of the actors many, many films. Annie (Alison Brie) was to take all of Cage’s romances to watch. Then she would go insane.

In the past couple of seasons, scripts have actively put Pierce (Chevy Chase) in situations separate from the rest of the characters. “In ‘Documentary Film Redux,’ that’s why he’s in the trailer the entire time,” Ganz spilled.

One of the toughest episodes of “Community” was the “Glee”-themed Christmas episode in Season 3. Although the writers loved the finished product, the process was brutal. Steve Basilone described being in the hospital during the writing of the script and receiving a get-well card in which a colleague wished he could trade places. “‘Glee’ was rough. That was dire,” Chris McKenna said.

Part of the reason for this difficulty might be Dan Harmon’s process. The writers described it as “This is great. Now f**k it.” And then the writers would change things, no matter how late in the process they were.

You know the bizarre character of Leonard (Richard Erdman), Greendale’s resident really, really old man? The writers have always considered him to be 1000 years old and the secret protector of the community college.

The Feb. 21 episode, “Conventions of Space and Time,” takes place at an Inspector Spacetime convention in which we see characters from the fictional show’s universe. One of them is a villain named The Almighty Umlaut.

We will get to see another Abed-produced student film in Season 4. There will also be a podcast.

If you have ever listened to the commentary tracks on “Community” DVDs and wondered about periods with no talking, those are mostly places where Sony Productions edited Harmon.

“Community” airs Thursdays at 8pm on NBC.

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