community-star-burns-dino-stamatopoulos-community-deathIf you haven’t watched the episode, this is definitely a spoiler. In this week’s “Community,” the long-teased death of one of the characters finally happened. No, it wasn’t Chevy Chase, as this was filmed long before the recent voice mails hit the net. It wasn’t Leonard (Richard Erdman), despite his advanced age.

In the episode, which was done in “Law & Order” style, the investigation into who smushed the study group’s yam project, we find out that Star-burns (Dino Stamatopoulos) is not only stealing backpacks, but is snatching test tubes for the meth lab in the trunk of his car. He was rear-ended and the lab exploded. Star-burns is dead.

He wasn’t a main character, but he was always there to give funny outsider lines to. Also, coolest side burns ever! We’ll miss him, but what we’re looking forward to more is how the show handles the death. Goofy montages, a strange memorial … will Abed (Danny Pudi) and Troy (Donald Glover) act normal again? Is it weird to be excited for a funeral? What did you guys think of the death? Did you see it coming? Let us know below.

Posted by:jbusch