“Community” Season 5 is over and gone, and still there is no word on whether or not the dream of six seasons and a movie could come to the show. But there is more at stake than just comedic entertainment. As a fan-made video suggests, there are many bigger questions that will never be answered if “Community” is canceled.

Also, if “Community” is canceled, that means a meteor strike destroyed Greendale. That’s canon.

In an attempt to show just how important Season 6 is to “Community” — and to avoid certain death from outer space — here are a few attempts at answering the questions posed by the video.

Who will Jeff finally end up with?
It could be Annie. It could be Britta. The Dean may even have a shot (in his dreams anyway). The only thing we know for certain is that Jeff will always have Jeff.

Will Abed ever find another best friend?
Considering how hard it was for Abed to make a first best friend, Troy may just have to occupy this position forever.

Will there ever be a buzz not killed by Britta?
Nope. Except maybe Hickey.

Will the Dean finally come out of his office?
Only for Jeff.

Will Levar Burton and his non-celebrity companion escape from the pirates?
Who cares about Levar Burton? As long as Troy is safe, it’s all good.

Did Chang really eat his twin in utero?
Could there be any doubt?

Who is the a** crack bandit?
Some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved.

Is Pierce really dead?
If he’s not, that’s a lot of sperm spilt for nothing.

Was Garrett really saved?
Greendale probably needs to host another D&D game to find out.

Will Leonard ever shut up?
The answer is the same as that of the following: Will Leonard ever die?

Will Shirley go to Heaven?
If God has a sense of humor …

What will become of Annie’s Boobs?
Well, if NBC does cancel “Community,” there’s an opening on the schedule. What could go wrong?

What caused the gas leak?
It’s a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top.

What will become of Jim the Duck?
Publishers are interested!

Will there be another October 19th?
In our hearts or on the calendar?

Pop pop? Knock knock?
Pop pop. Obviously.

Is this the darkest timeline?
Cancellation = yes. Renewal = probably not, unless that’s what Evil Abed wants you to think.

Is a world without “Community” a world you want to live in?
Of course not.

Posted by:Laurel Brown