Community-Britta-screen-shot.jpgThe fans showed their support for “Community” when NBC left it off of their spring schedule. They rallied, they had flash mobs and they took to Twitter to declare their love. They also watched the show live when it returned last week, giving it outstanding ratings.

Now the cast is asking for your support again, and they’re doing it on Twitter, using the hashtag #WatchCommunityLIVE2nite. Jim Rash, who plays the Dean tweets, “If ratings hold, INSISTS we find a talking animal sidekick & solve crimes 2gether. So, .” Ken Jeong, who plays Senor Chang says, “ Let’s trend this and do this!!! We can make a Chang.

In a nod to “The Big Bang Theory” which is stiff competition for “Community,” the Twitter account belonging to Evil Troy and Abed tweets, “Shut up Leonard and .”

So, we want to know if you’re watching it live tonight. We certainly are! Tweet your love and keep those ratings up, Human Beings! You know what we’re aiming for: #sixseasonsandamovi.e Check out what Yvette Nicole Brown has to say about her cast members in the video below.

Posted by:jbusch