Community-Alison-Gillian-Yvette.jpgFa la la la la! If you thought last year’s stop-motion animation Christmas episode of Community”  was the perfect gift, you are in for a treat.  This year’s holiday offering from the meta kids at Greendale Community College? A musical episode!

According to TVLine, “Community” will sing in the season when the gang is forced to take over for Greendale’s busy glee club.  A singing group couldn’t possibly cover all the mall Santa’s and grocery store openings, right? Apparently all the songs will be original. No “Jingle Bell Rock” here!  Perhaps a song about red and green paint balls?

The gang is already pretty musical. Season 3 started off with a musical number and last year’s Christmas episode featured a final ditty. Oh, please tell us that Dean (Jim Rash) is going to sing a love song to a guy in a dalmatian suit!

Posted by:jbusch