“Community” star Yvette Nicole Brown had to deal with more than jet lag when her Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia, flooded over the Pacific. The burst pipe caused the plane to return to LAX.

Brown recounted her experience during a phone interview with Los Angeles’ KTLA-TV on Wednesday (July 2). “It looked like at first someone had spilled a soda or something, because a little trickle was coming down,” the actress says. “And then we noticed it became like a river down both aisles. It was the most scary thing I’ve ever seen.”

Although scary and messy from where Brown was sitting, it was even worse on the lower level of the jumbo jet. “It rained on all of them,” she says.

What caused the problem on the 15-hour flight? “Apparently, in the galley upstairs, a pipe under one of those sinks or whatever busted. And I think it was like 60 percent of the water went out into the plane,” Brown explains. “I was thinking we might need that to flush the toilets!”

Brown also posted about the experience on her Twitter feed:

Despite the wet experience, Brown says she plans to try again on her trip Down Under. She has a Comic-Con to get to, after all.

Posted by:Laurel Brown