community cancellation donald glover danny pudi gillian jacobs gi 'Community's' Danny Pudi and Donald Glover got cancellation news via Twitter

The sad demise of “Community” on NBC after its Season 5 finale may have been tragic, but it was just another tweet to the show’s stars. Because that’s how Donald Glover and Danny Pudi apparently found out about it.

According to an, both actors are still waiting on any official word. They just have to go by Twitter like the rest of us.

“We found out it was canceled on the Internet. No one’s called me,” Glover claims. Pudi backs this up: “Literally, there has been no official, ‘Hey, you’re canceled and this is over.’ We find out how we found out if we were renewed, how we found out if we were on the bubble, how we found out we’re moving dates: Twitter.”

On the plus side, at least news gets out quickly on Twitter. No phone call can beat that speed.

Despite hopes that another outlet like Hulu might pick up “Community” for a Season 6, the chances of that happening seem to diminish daily. But keep watching Twitter — maybe there will be a miracle.

Posted by:Laurel Brown