“Community” is coming out of a string of themed episodes and giving us another so-called “bottle episode” on Thursday’s (Feb. 3) episode. 
This time they’re going into “Dungeons & Dragons” territory in order to help a suicidal classmate, Fat Neil, find his happy again.
We were on-set during the shooting of the episode and had a chance to talk to Donald Glover (in the anthropology classroom!), who says he didn’t play the role-playing game as a kid, because he wasn’t allowed to.
“[‘Dungeons & Dragons’ sounds] so awesome,” Glover tells Zap2it. “To have a character for a long time and build it. There’s something about all those things like Pok�mon, Nano Pets, you’re just playing God. And it’s fun to play God for a little bit.”

For Glover, who grew up Jehovah’s Witness, anything that had to do with magic wasn’t allowed. The interesting part is Glover’s character, Troy, is also Jehovah’s Witness in the show. So, how does “Community” get around that? It doesn’t address it. Not yet.
“I think he’s not as Jehovah’s Witness as he wants to be,” Glover says. “That’s part of him growing up, honestly. He’s like, ‘Am I Jehovah’s Witness or are my parents Jehovah’s Witness?’ I think everybody kind of hits that point where they say, ‘Okay, am I doing this out of tradition? Do I actually believe this?'”

He later adds, “If we’re at third season, I would be surprised if we didn’t hit that eventually.”
Watch our chat below:

Note: Some strong language.

“Community” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.
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