Joel McHale is a busy guy. Aside from hosting “The Soup” on E!, doing a stand-up comedy tour and shooting “Spy Kids 4,” he has to avoid carbs maniacally to play ladies man, the often half-dressed Jeff Winger, on NBC’s “Community.”
In the Season 2 premiere airing tonight (Sept. 23), Jeff’s relationships with Britta (played by Gillian Jacobs) and Annie (Allison Brie) are strained after the Season 1 finale. In it, Britta confessed her love, and then Jeff walked out on her and ended up kissing Annie.
“The first scenes with Britta are really crazy,” McHale says. “And what happens to our relationship is really crazy. I really enjoyed the way it moved along.”
Thankfully, some things don’t change. “Jeff likes to sleep with a lot of women,” he says. “He’s pretty basic in that sense. He’s probably got to sort those things out. Yeah, he’s one of those guys that ladies love, but not necessarily big fans of after that.”
Don’t go nuts, ‘shippers. The romantic entanglements don’t get resolved very quickly.
“The situation is still kind of open-ended. Unlike on ‘Gilligan’s Island’ where everything is just kind of back to normal — everyone’s [back] on the island,” says McHale. “It’s kind of un-done like real life. There’s even a line in it that [creator Dan Harmon] puts that ‘Real life is messy.’ So, I think it’s great that it’s messy.” 
That’s not the only thing that gets messy. America’s sweetheart, Betty White, appears in the season premiere as a strange anthropology professor. What can McHale tell us about White’s appearance? He admits urine is involved and the two get pretty physical.
“I still haven’t seen it,” says McHale. “I’m just glad I wasn’t murdered by Betty White.”
We’ll be learning a bit more about his character this season when Drew Carey and Rob Corddry appear as old acquaintances of Jeff’s. And McHale hints that his character will face some kind of health issue. 
“He’s got feline leukemia, so I won’t tell you more about that,” he jokes.
Later he drops a couple more hints. “It’s not really a health issue, but it’s something physically about him that he didn’t know,” he says. “And it makes him pretty insecure.”
What do you think ails Jeff this season?
Watch our chat with McHale on the set of “Community” below:

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