joel mchale getty 'Community's' Joel McHale prepares to host Film Independent Spirit Awards without 'agenda'Before James Franco and Anne Hathaway take the stage at the Kodak theater for the 2011 Academy Awards, Joel McHale will hit Santa Monica beach to host the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday (Feb. 26).

But will the Oscar hosts be asking McHale for advice before their big night?

“Oh yeah, they’re calling me all the time,” McHale sarcastically quips. “I would be surprised if they knew who I was.”

Zap2it caught up with McHale at a round table discussion for Film Independent, where he jokes that the Spirit Awards’ sponsors have been helping him out.

“I’ve been marinating some Piaget watches in a Jameson, Stella combo,” he explains. “I will suck on that watch on Friday morning and see if it helps. That’s my plan at this point.” 

In all seriousness, McHale tells us he’s hired four pals to help write his jokes and that he can’t wait to get the show underway.

“I’m very excited to just get the show going,” the “Community” star explains. “It’s been a lot of lead up to it and I’m looking forward particularly to some bits we’re doing… my drum solo. It’s going to be about 15-minutes-long.”

While we’re not going to hold our breath for that supposed drum solo, we know McHale will bring the laughs. He assures us that his main goal is to simply be funny without a hidden agenda.

When asked whether he would be censoring himself after Ricky Gervais‘ Golden Globes gig and its subsequent backlash, McHale says that he was a big fan of the performance, but it hasn’t been a factor in his own preparations.

“I’m not being careful,” he says. “My main concern is making sure the jokes are funny. It’s not like I have an agenda… I just want to make sure that what’s happening on stage is funny and that’s about it.”

McHale is more than familiar with funny commentary as the host of E!’s “The Soup,” but his new hosting gig is a whole different ball game.

“It’s a different beast,” he explains. “At E! you deal with ‘Bridalplasty’ and stories about Jessica Simpson, so it’s obviously a different subject matter but as far as the approach to the material, the independent films are terrific so it’s not like we’re making fun of a ‘Bad Girls Club.’

Continuing, “You are making jokes about the community of independent film which is obviously doing awesome things.”

You can watch McHale — and check out which indies take home the top honors — at the 26th annual Film Independent Spirit Awards when they’re broadcast on IFC at 10 PM.

If you just can’t wait, check out this promo the host tweeted in which he pokes fun (gently, of course) at independent cinema.

“How can an award show play a saxophone?”

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci