conan 60 minutes taurus Conan O'Brien '60 Minutes' outtakes: TBS and the TaurusConan O’Brien talked a lot about his old job on “60 Minutes” Sunday (May 2), but not much about his new one.

O’Brien’s new gig as a late-night host on TBS got little mention in the main piece, but CBS has posted some outtakes in which O’Brien talks about going to cable and what it offers him. Simply put, he’ll be able to do whatever kind of show he wants.

“What [TBS] said to me is, ‘We’re going to let you do what you want to do.’ Period. ‘Do what you want to do,'” O’Brien says in the first clip below. “And I’ve got friends like — Stephen Colbert’s not b**ching about being on cable.”

Something else you didn’t see on “60 Minutes”: O’Brien and Steve Kroft tooling around Los Angeles in Conan’s infamous, dust-caked 1992 Ford Taurus. He says it was the car he owned during his first couple years as host of “Late Night,” and it always got a big laugh whenever he told guests what he drove, so he kept it around for comedy purposes. Including, perhaps, inducing concern from any journalist who might happen to be in the passenger seat.

Here’s Conan talking about TBS:

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And the ridealong in the Taurus:

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Posted by:Rick Porter