conor kennedy arrested at protest gi Conor Kennedy and Daryl Hannah arrested at White House climate change protest

Nothing tells your ex you’ve moved on like a little time spent in the slammer. At least, that’s Conor Kennedy’s hope. You remember Conor, don’t you? He’s Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, who happens to still be in high school. Now he’s got a criminal record, which should make all the girls take notice.
Conor was arrested Wednesday, along with his dad Robert F. Kennedy Jr., actress Daryl Hannah, and dozens of others, at a climate change protest held outside the gates of the White House. According to Yahoo News, the aim of the protest was to convince President Barack Obama to reject plans for the Keystone XL oil pipeline.
In all, 48 were arrested in the protest. They were charged with civil disobedience, after failing to disperse when ordered. All protesters were released after paying a $100 bond.
Conor first made headlines last summer when he began dating Swift. Taylor was reportedly so serious about Conor, and when isn’t she overly serious about a boy, that she bought a $4 million home across the street from the Kennedy compound. As summer break came to an end, so did summer lovin’. Conor went back to school, and Swift went back on tour.

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