constantine comic con panel 'Constantine' at Comic Con 2014: Cast, creators talk pilot changes After watching the new version of the “Constantine” pilot, the audience at Comic-Con 2014 got to listen to a Q&A with the cast and creators about what’s changed from the original pilot shot earlier this year vs. what will air this fall when the series premieres on NBC.

“Originally in the pilot we had a character Liv [played by Lucy Griffith] that wasn’t in the comics,” executive producer David S. Goyer says. “She was very reactive and wide-eyed and we felt like she really couldn’t go toe-to-toe with John.”

While Liv will still show up in the pilot, she leaves by the end of the hour and taking her place in the series will be Zed played by Angelica Celaya. “It’s a ride,” Celaya says. “I’m so excited to give a little bit of meat and bone to Zed and to play against John Constantine.”

Another change viewers will see this fall is during the climactic battle scene in the pilot, when the demon that Constantine battles is a demon version of himself. In the original pilot, he battled a CGI demon.

“There was a different demon on the rooftop battling John,” executive producer Daniel Cerone says. “We ended up really driven into the CGI world with that demon but we just wanted it to be as compelling and real-feeling as possible. And what better way than to have Constantine face a demon version of himself who will hold up all his faults like a mirror?”

Matt Ryan, who plays Constantine, enjoyed getting to play an evil version of Constantine in that scene. “That was fun to play against myself,” Ryan says.

“Constantine” airs Fridays this fall on NBC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum