angelica celaya constantine zed 'Constantine' casts Angelica Celaya as ZedNBC’s “Constantine” has found the actress to play its new female lead — which will be familiar to fans of the “Hellblazer” comics.

Angelica Celaya, best known for her work on telenovelas, will play Zed, a sorcerer as well as a former lover, foil and ally of John Constantine (Matt Ryan). She’ll be introduced early in the show’s run.

The show recently parted ways with Lucy Griffiths, who starred in the pilot as a character named Liv. Executive producer Daniel Cerone says that in breaking stories for the season, the writers started to feel “hamstrung” by the character.

“Liv … is very wide-eyed. She’s very reactive, she doesn’t have powers,” Cerone says at the summer TV critics’ press tour. “As we started looking at stories, we felt like this is a character who’s always going to be reactive.”

Zed, on the other hand, is someone Cerone and fellow executive producer David Goyer think will be more able “to go toe-to-toe” with Constantine.

“Ultimately in the series that’s what we felt like we needed. We wanted a more dynamic relationship as opposed to someone who was always a teacher, a mentor [and someone who’s] a student,” Cerone says.

Goyer says he and Cerone considered introducing Zed in the pilot but didn’t. But as the writers gathered to plan the season, “we started writing ourselves into a corner. We said, ‘Why didn’t we use Zed?,’ and then we decided, let’s use Zed.”

“Constantine” will air on Friday nights on NBC in the fall.

Posted by:Rick Porter