“Constantine” stars Matt Ryan and Lucy Griffiths are excited about their new show. With a mix of horror, humor and hellish foes, the DC comics-based program may just be a hit on NBC’s Friday nights in the fall. What do the stars have to say about “Constantine” now?

When asked about how to describe the show in terms of what others might already know, both stars find it a little complicated to find easy comparisons. “It’s difficult because one of the things I like about it is it’s really different,” Griffiths explains. “But I guess you could say that it was like a love child between … Over to you, Matt Ryan!”

Fortunately, Ryan is up to the challenge: “I think it’s like … It’s great,” he says. “It’s the whole genre — it’s horror, it’s got psychological elements to it as well, it’s scary, it’s humorous — you know, John’s got this whole British, sarcastic wit.”

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Griffiths agrees with that. “It reminds me of a couple of the old ‘Batman’ movies,” the actress says. “Which isn’t surprising, because the producer, David Goyer, is the same. But it seems to me like it has a sort of slightly retro vibe. Which seems really cool. It’s sort of like, I don’t know — it seems like a movie. A movie that’s a series.”

One of the only worries the actors have is living up to the comic-book source material, “Hopefully we can try and stay as true to that as possible,” Ryan says. “And hopefully it’ll be a great show!” As for Griffiths, she thinks the show is safe as long as it sticks to its roots. “We can’t really go wrong!” she exclaims.

“Constantine” airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC this fall.

Posted by:Laurel Brown