Are you not confused?

The “Continuum” Season 2 finale is a perplexing thing. That’s probably because, much like time travel, “Second Time” is rather complicated. Allegiances shift, revelations only add to confusion …

And then most of the characters end the episode trapped in plastic boxes.

Here, at least, are some important things to know about how the second season of “Continuum” comes to a conclusion.

Alec has a “Star Wars” moment

“I’m your father!”

The fact that Alec does not at any point scream “Noooooooo!!!” when Escher says he’s his dad, is amazing. There has never been more of a “Star Wars” moment in television ever.

Of course, on “Continuum,” the Luke Skywalker character (Alec) acts all cool about joining forces with Escher’s Dark Side. It’s an act, but it is far more complicated a character choice than “Star Wars” ever dreamed.

“But wait!” you exclaim. “I thought Jason was Alec’s time-traveling father!”


As Alec himself points out, Jason shares DNA with him. He thought that meant Jason was his father. You’d think a genius well-versed in time travel issues would consider the other option … Anyway, Jason is Alec’s son.

Escher is the grandfather. Time travel really wreaks havoc with genealogy.

Carlos throws away his career for a handshake

You’d think he would be more betrayed about Betty, his good friend, giving away secrets to the enemy. That is not, however, the case with Carlos.

Instead, the guy’s next move is punch out his boss and free Kiera. He and Betty then drive off into the sunset … only to end up joining forces with Julian out at the farmhouse. WTF Carlos?

Suit up for the fight

Kiera and Travis both have super future suits. This means the two of them get to have a crazy sci-fi fight that involves invisibility, force shields and Kiera repeatedly shooting Travis in the family jewels. As the two are both trying to get to Alec — for opposite reasons — the fight has its electrifying (literally) climax in an elevator shaft.

Don’t worry. Kiera wins. Not that it matters.

Back to the future?

The time-travel orange finally intact, Alec sets things up to send Kiera and Kellogg (who just wants out now) into the future. Unfortunately, this whole thing turns out to be a triple cross. Escher shows up with a gun and everyone has stress.

Sadler dominance hits a wee snag when the Freelancers show up. They want Kiera dead (she’s an anomaly) and time travel to basically not exist.

Their murderous intentions prove to be their undoing though. While guns are being pointed at Kiera, Alec grabs his high-tech orange and sets off the device, yelling about saving “her.” It’s safe to assume this is Emily. There aren’t too many others easily described as “her” in Alec’s life, after all.

Little boxes

Some very odd scenes involving big, scary needles and lots of dragging follow. When the drug-induced wooziness clears, Kiera finds herself in a big plastic box. All of the other time travelers are in similar boxes around her.

The anti-time travel Freelancers smirk as they walk away from the anomaly menagerie.


Yeah, I didn’t understand it all either. Maybe we have to go with Kiera’s leap of faith on this one? Presumably, Kiera will not remain in a box forever. And presumably Alec will return (hopefully with Emily in tow — she was cool). And **presumably Carlos hasn’t suddenly switched teams for no apparent reason.

Season 3 has a lot of explaining to do.

Posted by:Laurel Brown