cookie monster ransom note germany 'Cookie Monster' note offers return of ransomed cookie sculptureA thief and extortionist posing as the lovable Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street” sent a ransom note to a German newspaper, demanding a cookie donation to a local children’s hospital in exchange for the return of a missing 44-pound golden cookie statue.

The over-sized treat went MIA from its perch outside a bakery in Hannover before the ransom note, pieced together with cutout letters, arrived. “I have the cookie! And you want it,” read the letter. Accompanying the demand was a photo of someone dressed as Cookie Monster and chowing down on the shiny sculpture.

Now, the Associated Press reports a second note has arrived, this time offering the return of the statue and making no demands. Officials, who have been hunting the cookie-thieving culprit, say it’s unclear so far as to whether the second note actually came from the suspect.

Come on, Cookie Monster. What would Elmo do?

Posted by:mchance