coolio snl Coolio will live until 3162, according to 'SNL'Coolio is going to live for a very, very long time, if “Saturday Night Live” is to be believed.

In the last sketch of the Jonah Hill-hosted show, Hill’s character and his girlfriend, played by Kristen Wiig, celebrated their anniversary by singing the song that was playing when he first viewed her profile — Coolio’s “I’ll C U When U Get There.”

Ah, how romantic. They were even accompanied by a string section and backup singers on Coolio’s visionary tune (“He wrote ‘You’ like the letter ‘U’ — he was really ahead of his time.”).

Hill and Wiig ended the sketch (and the night — it was the last skit) by heading into the crowd and leading them in a singalong of the chorus. But the most surprising moment of all was the closing card, that revealed Coolio will live until the year 3162.

Guess he won’t have to worry about his lament from “Gangsta’s Paradise,” “I’m 23 now, but will I live to see 24?” (No matter that Coolio is actually pushing 50 these days.)

The skit’s not online — they probably couldn’t clear the rights to the song — so you’ll have to take our word that it was pretty funny.

Posted by:Jean Bentley