cop photo goes viral Cop photo goes viral after he delivers milk to Boston family in need

The random acts of kindness that have come to light following the attack at the Boston Marathon and the subsequent Watertown, Mass. police standoff with suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have been a silver lining on an otherwise tragic story. A cop photo has gone viral after the Brookline police officer, later identified as John Bradley, brought two gallons of milk to a family with a baby while Boston was locked down.

The Wells family had run out of milk for their 17-month-old son Holden while their Watertown neighborhood was closed down during the manhunt on April 19. Holden’s grandmother, Trish Sommers, took a chance by leaving their house to ask Bradley if he could help them out. He obliged, and Kevin Wells took the picture of Bradley delivering them with their much-needed milk.

“It just meant the world that he literally went out and got two gallons of milk,” McKenzie Wells tells Today. “We wanted to pay him, but he wouldn’t take money from us. He was just so generous.”

The image was tweeted by the Boston Police Department and has since gotten over 2,600 retweets. It has been shared more than 60,000 times on Facebook.

“The fact that it went as viral as it did was kind of crazy,” Wells says. “We kind of thought we were going to get in trouble at first, so we pulled it off. We just didn’t want to upset the officer, but we didn’t think it would be everywhere.”

Though Bradley hasn’t responded to his viral status, a Brookline Police Department spokesperson released a statement that reads, “He was just happy to be able to help. He does not want to take credit from the many officers who were there doing their job.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz